West Nile virus epidemic in California associated with dry & hot weather. How can that be?

30 October 2017 – “At least 230 people in LA county have fallen sick with West Nile [virus, WNV] this year [2017], and 17 of them have died, health officials said [Fri 27 Oct 2017]. The number of people infected is already the 3rd-highest ever in the county, according to health officials — and the season has yet to end.” This pro-med report mentions the known link between high numbers of human WNV cases and dry & hot weather, which is paradoxical as acknowledged in the report. Extremely hot and dry weather are not though to favor mosquitoes, that due to their size dry easily. Plus the Culex mosquitoes that transmit WNV need to find containers with water to lay eggs, which dry up fast in hot weather. For an analysis of the behavior and physiology of Culex that addresses this paradox, read Johnson & Fonseca 2014.

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