Chikungunya – Europe – 2017 Epidemiological summary (France and Italy)

24 October 2017 –  The two events in France and in Italy are unrelated. France has reported two related clusters of autochthonous chikungunya cases in the Var department, southern France including 17 cases. The first cluster, in Cannet-des-Maures, includes eleven cases (eight confirmed, two probable and one suspected). The second cluster 13 kilometers away in Taradeau includes five confirmed cases and one probable case. The virus circulating in France belongs to an East Central South African (ECSA) sub-lineage that includes isolates from the Central African region (e.g. Gabon, Republic of Congo) and carries the E1-A226V mutation.

Italy has reported 358 cases of chikungunya. Of these, 297 cases have been reported in the Lazio region (170 confirmed), and 54 were reported in Guardavalle marina, Calabria region (nine confirmed). In addition, three confirmed cases with a travel history to Anzio have been reported in Emilia-Romagna ( 1), Marche (1) and France (1). One confirmed case with travel history to Rome was reported in Germany. Furthermore, three probable cases with travel history to Guardavalle marina were reported in Emilia-Romagna. The virus circulating in Italy belongs to the East Central South African (ECSA) lineage and does not carry the E1-A226V mutation. 

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