Plague is brewing in Madagascar and cases were detected today in the Seychelles

11 October 2017 –

Health officials in Seychelles have confirmed that 3 people have tested positive for plague, Yersinia pestis. According to “Today in Seychelles”, a Seychellois basketball coach died from the disease in September 2017 in a hospital in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, where 42 people have died from the “Black Death.”

The coach was assisting the Seychelles men’s reigning champion of the Beau Vallon Heat in Madagascar during the Indian Ocean Club

Officials in the Seychelles have put in place walk-through and temperature scanners at the international airport to detect cases. A form is also being given to disembarked passengers to state if they have any symptoms similar to those brought on by the plague. Additionally, as a precaution, all schools in Seychelles are closed for the next 6 days as it is not yet confirmed that contact was made with any of the teachers.

Update on Madagascar: In Madagascar the number of cases of the lethal bacterial infection has shot up to 449, an increase in 62 cases since our last report [Mon 9 Oct 2017], according to the Ministere de la Publique. In addition, the death count has grown to 48.

[The rapid rise of cases of Yersinia pestis infection with a predominance of pneumonic plague is quite worrisome].
Date / Cases / Deaths
14 Sep 2017 / 28 / 5
30 Sep 2017 / 73 / 17
3 Oct 2017 / 194 / 30
5 Oct 2017 / 258 / 36
7 Oct 2017 / 343 / 42
8 Oct 2017 / 387 / 45
9 Oct 2017 / 449 / 48
10 Oct 2017 / 500 / 54

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