Welcome to the Lab Agnesa!

Agnesa Redere

Agnesa with her dog Laima on the left, and her former foster dog Willow on the right

The Fonseca Lab would like to welcome Agnesa Redere as the newest member of our lab. Agnesa is a PhD student in the Department of Ecology & Evolution at Rutgers University. Her research interests focus on evaluating expected utility in three scenarios of ecological importance: epigenetics in changing environments, in proactive versus reactive mosquito control strategies in curtailing the spread of Zika virus, and inthe psychological concept of priming in changing environments. Agnesa uses mathematical modeling and simulations to generate understanding of these concepts.

At Rutgers University, Agnesa is a member of the Rutgers Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (RASTL), which allows her to meets with faculty members and administrators on a monthly basis to discuss higher education and the issues centered on undergraduate instruction. Also, she is an Assistant Head Teaching Assistant (AHTA) for General Biology courses that are offered at Rutgers University.

Prior to her graduate studies, in 2011 Agnesa received her Associates of Science degree in Biology from Sussex County Community College. After graduating, she traveled south to Rutgers University to continue her learning trajectory in the sciences and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 2014.

In her spare time, Agnesa trains people and on how to teach their dogs basic obedience. In addition, she also trains her own dog in sports such as nosework, tricks, obedience and agility. Agnesa is a member of the American Belgian Malinois Rescue where she fosters and places dogs who are in need of their forever homes.

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